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My heart say i try figure out get know you. I can’t say ” I love you ” fear of relationship storm in eye
how ever you feel come lock there no escape. We need space in love secret. don’t say if?

If I faith you. I want first faith God trust is alway than you do. how many you love me?

My life is not ready to grown thing. Patience will come successful. time come out seen and few future change will be surprise slow fix. I can’t say image promise announce will wack out. What women want to the men about? I’m crazy of love and friendship easy best than relationship risk. i want to be relationship. Friendship is key for caring and communicating point. don’t ask about money? don’t jump stupid thing?

Poem: friendship cold

The wonder feeling inside warm freedom

Take the together on the agrees with a conversation

Friendship with benefits thing is chance something

Life is short

Struggle is support process upon wish wanna to be

Chance is possible come true

No matter how many cost is

Reasonable though is touch and grace with test see on begin

Lover secret hear to heart to the heart and strange

What make us, Though feel explore connect become success than relationship fallen

Think twice before you willing get sign joy proof

You want feel know else in the future and no limt life everyday

No question.

i’m not the illusion world. I’m struggle, Because i have wait to the plan wal-mart permission before we work sell must earn and goal to the buy the mobility van. I’m not trick you in your mind. I’m real Struggle role as who i am. and I’m obsess sex life and lover that all i want! i’m deserver. I will support friend and reasonable.

If you are lost faith yourself, i won’t hear part of thing. Support must reason friendship with lover than relationship scar. I had scar relationship. That not happen begin for relationship can hurt flaw in the heart. All i want lover before serious future. Sorry, Y’all ! I’m change,my reason!

I don’t care ppl think of me. my situation the pain hot butt out! if you think of me. you will pain hurt love in your soul. Do not play cheat somebody! Oh well! i’m single! i’m wating future new van mobility.

Damn Its TRUE! ‏@damnitstrue
A real relationship: has fights, trust, faith, tears, pain, argument, patience, secrets, jealousy & LOVE.

I am were pain of love. true in me as suffer! i don’t understand you never learn how to love disability. i notice you be look good and all that. I crush some of you. i try conversation with you had some one taken. i try focus to ged. PFFF i need passionate!

( tear )

No one love me !!!!! I am the Pain. I hate who led on me!!!!! No one accept me as i am disability wheelchair. i had hard time who willing connection with me?!

Poem: look at my heart

Will you research into my heart come to?

Why you won’t handle that way?

Oh well, maybe i deserver into my life for goal get love than money

Why you wait on me for?

Are you greedy?

Are you used me?

Will you accept me,who i am situation issues personal?

You never ask me question. what have i feel about it!

I think you not understand me then ran away from me?

Someone were hurt me. Very serious expose my mind

How i get trust you, if you love me actually?

God will know going on. what going on to be!

I had experience some women play my mind situation. As bully led on me

I were learn my experience from women are all about.

I were all my life homebody. and I never experience independent.

No one understand me what i need a love is powerful glory. 

I don’t love mother day. because i had experience some women led on me and hurt me lot. whole in my life! I feel want like anti-women. make me mad somebody play game in my mind! i feel act role dmx emotion high enough rage in my soul! I need to love who accept me. Who i am! I’m very pain in love! Why some women want hurt me! Because this is disability wheelchair! shm!

Poem: Love commitment or greedy

Do you want to be smell in my pocket. are you use to me without heart connection?


Are you willing to love soul vow serious commitment of relationship. 

With life care soul seen heart feel emotion to respond to breath deep passionate!