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I love those homeless in my heart. I want do for that working for best their life. sometime i just tear in my heart soul.

RIP Ruby Dee is true just best actress. True Elder mature of black history. Peace love!

I Respect to Maya Angelou’ truth heart for history. I love her poem amazing. I’m very sadly see her gone. God care her soul. Rip Maya Angelou. Bow to her Goddess of Maya Angelou.

I just waiting God Goal plan step time. please be patience..

Relax and Prayer

thank you support me who i am blessed. i will figure my way and peace out!

Pain is experience suffering support knowledge will give you lesson learn. do not feed to children. our life aware pain is good thing. i know not good word. still matter to thinking grow how many true past as where are you from. i’m not fake. if you meet me real life. you will understand.

God is opposite sex are looking good heart for speaking and war save their live.

I want to say something my situation. I just had following you but I feel bad and because I just need friends. I’m not try attention upon women to me. I can see those depression hurt in love by me. I want say sorry. I feel find beautiful queen.

I have no fear in you will find someone love than i do. i don’t care! you don’t know me really! back off!

I can’t force you as command to you. Actually is you can free eject me or stay with me? I respect you are females. i’m flaw wound life until i die. hugs

I love God so much! Even I can’t be perfect myself! I cannot kill people in my ego stupid thing. Just my personal problem issues than connection share crime friendship! Do not play God in church and Ever!!!

Pain of love forever.

Whoever who love in lord in God. I don’t know about you. If i love you very much. IF we work out friendship or relationship matter part of life. May I get you for someday. But my life are not ready yet. I will continue pray to God. If you don’t believe in God then I can’t have you.