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Some people life issues, but relationship fear part type to aware for experience.

I love God so much! Even I can’t be perfect myself! I cannot kill people in my ego stupid thing. Just my personal problem issues than connection share crime friendship! Do not play God in church and Ever!!!

My heart say i try figure out get know you. I can’t say ” I love you ” fear of relationship storm in eye
how ever you feel come lock there no escape. We need space in love secret. don’t say if?

Violence will hide from us. You never know they have friends behind enemy trick you. you can’t seem their heart. Don’t ask question them. find good angel trust. God will answer in your heart. Trust me!

Violence make me us learn lesson is why?

I see that Americans is power evil around there is evil is exit

Violence make me change my life.

My mind is understand clear with my eye

I know that what they are cause

Past to Past

But Killer are not important reward make you successful as you have?

Why do you show me bad thing affect to my mind

My heart not reach to want kill favor image

Violence will never end

Peace can fight to stop Violence human mind

Peace must voice out!!!!

Spirit greedy get to people think of Violence seed

We are together seek peace

Violence can make you are fear crown

Actually we are have evil and good are secret

We are need to praying for away from evil through to us

Peace is love and private with personal for joy

Violence will make you learn lesson change right thing

Peace !!!!!

Poem: Star is sign

Dark is pitch black pen over world

Moon break half slash spread fly slam become glue will become heat will become light color

People got attention look at star is beautiful

Star will help guide you are search looking for

Faith to star sign show you

Just light spot help you just realize as what do you see!

Star know you angel

Star is don’t like evil. It will not help you.

Do you know why!

Star is Angel protect you.

Star is gift pride!

Poem: I can’t promise in my heart

I can’t say to you are think dream get me

I can’t show you in my image thing happening

I can’t promise when if i can make happening future

I can’t promise tell you in my feeling about life

I can’t say promise when i meet you?

I can’t promise say to everything to vision

I can’t promise you all the way to something seem?

I can’t show you my heart would lover or player

I can’t promise reach to you because my emotion fear wrong fell in love

I can’t promise say dream come true mysterious

God can promise me, as plan for me right time.

Poem: God will plan for me

I pray everyday thee is answer

I talk to God a lot everyday

I wonder God will guide me

I ask God. God will show me life vision

I can’t seem my future are vision to be?

God is know my life already in the future

I told to God about Who marriage me by whom?

God know will someone will a love me?

What will my children look like and life different a way

God will know already for my children

God love me

I love Thee

Beginning of my journey struggle

Time is will see my future are mysterious

God will show me the way soon

Superman is Dead ( Black Month History )

Super man can’t save you

Superman is won’t learn Black history month

Superman is not feed poverty our black people

Superman is maybe racism blind to color our skin

Why Superman is most white folk film all the time?

Why Superman can’t dating any color of women?

Superman is Cheater a lot cause Women can’t caught quick

Superman is Player than us

SuperMan can’t feed are poor of children in the world

Superman is smart lair the world

Superman is dead because He had not gave money to everyone!

Superman is White. Just saying

Poem: I hope you are

Change mind

Realize think twice

Feeling about me

Vow promise with struggle

Teach me film make

Move some where close to us


Understand me

Come here

Please me

Support us

Poem: Pain is Good

Good for you, i got you back. that you were spy block me lol !

I’m flaw rise dark fade behind me as ring aka movie

You is worry from me

I notice you has a lot love in me

You are so weird ever i seen when i meet you after you had block me

I got make you pain. i will get other women with my flaw

I don’t care what ladies say to me

Pain is alway experience a knowledge

I have a pain a year than you are in the college

Cry baby i feel good that, I have already pain revenge

I am indeed weird

My experience fact love in hurt of real life

I can’t be nicely, I want flaw season but i still in love of lord

If somebody hurt me for cheater on me. I will flaw forever hurt soul love and use sex

If somebody are true in love as that you show me proof

I can’t pick someone win of love

I want test everyday work out for life until marriage vow deal struggle

Rich is risk killin in your life

Where are wise suppose be?

Friendship and relationship is share opinion

Sex and care are rich

However no matter what we are painful o know life is all about.

Deal with it! then Shut your mouth !

Poem: No long can’t wait for us

I understand that you are won’t with me at all

That you can’t afford in me

Feel like has that you want decide move on the other way

I can’t blame you feel that way

Because you can’t handle wait for me and my life journey

I’m not mad at you at all

Earth is distance map land

We are known has feeling without meeting

Difficult is the emergency street out

Scare off is life would may die

No one know without knowledge else human personal

IF you can somebody who love you in better than i do

Cause you just never standing and hopeless

You just fear message contact without know else has usually

We can’t hard to see vision our life path

Life or Death would are plan our life with fear of the commitment

Maybe you just fear say ” I love you “

Hard to reach top bright of life

in our brain are itch anxiety

May we move on?

Poem: Strawberry Lip

Can you show me slow sexy tongue on around lip is clock

Then now you can come here. The close are to us caught quick get bear lock arms

Body are get warm up the way are fire

Get easy and get the ready rubber against our body

Oh,i forgot that slow jam is get ready are crazy will make you in your ear vibrate

And through tickle orgasm under bottom against push.

Do not white out. we can save later before waterfall will rest

We are start dirty dancing as raw nasty,and mindless flaw without blush

Touch are in our body will prev enjoy with spirit

How many you want must be having

Don’t stop moan and talk dirty conversation

Pull our undress skin beauty of the beasts are opposite sex

Sex is bless special are body will respond language

Life is limit baby

I have for you will see i have strawberry lick over your body to lip and eat French kiss

Time is sex cook come up heat will hurt and pleasure


I’m in me, whatever i make to goal. life is life. love is passion and how we touch somewhere?

Poem: I’m not wannabe baller. (Love is Rich)

You threw my face sudden had crazy over me
I have no idea going on with you?
What the hell with you?
What do you think who i am?

I’m not wannabe baller
I hate vain performance in my personal for what?
I though you love in me?
Oh you want smell in my money?
Who are you? are you evil?

I wannabe in Love is Rich
Love is care all about support in life
Sex Life forever
Health is need money and show me if you are care about me?
I am power poem than other intelligent world is mean cause greedy money
I don’t trust to the intelligent is not about money
Heart is power in love

But the baller is will boring from greedy
I want deal struggle make me work hard will entertainer with educational
Faith is alway everyday season
Knowledge learning is best thing in love than greedy green pocket
I won’t be perfect. We are can conversation with help solve-problem for work out
God test us and we are choice to be thoughtful

I want job choice and entertainer
I want love is good thing and joy
I want love in God
I want sex life
I want care about thing
I want peaceful away from evil in world