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I want to say something my situation. I just had following you but I feel bad and because I just need friends. I’m not try attention upon women to me. I can see those depression hurt in love by me. I want say sorry. I feel find beautiful queen.

They don’t understand what i talk about! I have a good reason our live! What racism suppose to be? Violence is problem

Poem: War and Love

Love and War are big issues build level to be inside you.
Hurt of heartbreak next to seem something happening
How do you get love right way
Conversation help us key is communication
We are secret in lover season everyday as unknown
Parent won’t tell our child in life mess up
I won’t see children learn to us
I want to see children’s do right thing
Education is important than us
War and Love is all about!

Poem: Maybe I drop G.E.D.

My flaw rise in my head

I try keep on that education and keep focus flew

If i will continue this life?

I don’t know what to say in my though

If you advise me when you love me, actually?

I don’t know you if you be there for me?

If i drop on ged over?

Will you give up on me?


Hold me

I don’t know who will there for me?

I’m not tries stupid idea. My life will may over end?

What will you doing for me? huh?

Poem: I’m Reason Flaw

I’m out of breather, and my mind

I am flaw recuse hurt to somebody

I’m heat spoken and hide depression in my room and dark silent

I hate that who will leave me out.

No one understand me because my flaw and love

I never meet them at all.

I hard time to waiting out freedom independence

I knew you won’t too long get we meet us

I know you will hand my face.

walk away out of blue. there no love opposite sex

I want hurt somebody because my life is hard

I’m learning disability and ged is important.

I am so desire love addict with flaw.

Actually, i’m not out going anywhere. I want to!

I’m waiting somebody call make training drive in my mind obsess

I am mature and respect. I want some love and lonely some

I just struck right here and not move to thinking

I want release reason my spit out in my heart spoken.

I hope you understand my feel and journey life struggling.


Al Green-Here I am ( Come and Take Me )-AUDIO AND SUBTITLE

Jul 9, 2008

Poem: Depression and Reason

Some people have great risk their own tries death.

They will tell you why?

Life will be alway story history.

Season round of year

Depression has had will alway hurt and pain

God test us.

Devil test us.

People have reasonable respond share their storyteller.

Whatever do you conversion talk to somebody.

Who same way experience past to present.

Help them make sure comfortable and show to love situation.

Keep support them away from depression will put on you in dead heart expose.

Guilty or Innocence is matter what you have done and past over with case

That expect realize is life serious caution came from!

Group people will inspire share their story in life.

Heal will work out before you work out and pounder.

Everything be all right.

Please, don’t kill yourself for nothing.

This is your life is hope and believe of faith.

God love you!

someone blog say i’m odd. well, i have a reason and pain.

Poem: I want be friends……before

Two person was change in my life

I just make up realize blew up in my mind

I couldn’t fell in love without know you of personal outside

They taught me right direction to conversion before goes in

Process will to level right way without id

I want be friends with you. i want need know you more deep personal

Patience is key

I know that love is powerful

But i can’t say ” I love you “

I will never know you will hurt me part of reason?

God know everything.

But i can’t seem vision in you

Actually, I want be lover, but……. difficult

Friends must slow be know else a year…..before get ready for it

Almost alike friendship maybe will success

Poem: Passion Crime

Heart is alarm rising anxiety development to become rage

Crying and Scream push everything any stuff

God can’t enter in the Earth. For what…? help

Your own control free you want to piss off

You have right to kill her/ him as make em learn lesson

They hold together is value person without award gold fame

Why they test to be playing to get hurt

It is beyond feel power mind to through jump violence

Abuse will power to stop

Life is Life are crazy no perfect

Don’t try to be laugh and Devil hear us. He will know us

Kill bloody gore. Some people want feel good to murder

They have had reason wanna be……..

I don’t need champ-ship vocabulary spell

Please us to understand make you feel good

Hate in heart inside

Devil will tell you why?

They is not trust

Kill em all sinner Lair greedy

Life is real in the world

Unknown story about it.

Poem: Pain who fell wrong in love

Some people had have hurtful in love soul

Why some those who try led to them?

Hateful master mind of the role

They don’t know seem missing life people can be lair.

Human flesh are weakness part of the realize

Sinner bring us trouble forever endless

Test are smart move get attack image thing for fun

Show them in love and who you with?

Fear and Fear knowledge refill of thoughful

Only begin to come back to back battle

Love is very strong to receiver soulmate

Some people are lust and some people are in love

Every time in your body alway be warm touchable

But hard to trust drown

Pain is most dangerous jealousy hater

Cause Care is serious people will make happening

Men and Women are equal guilty show the gallery

They won’t telling not truth and anything subject to talk for lie

Pain will never solve problem before if some people say sorry?

Communication is key to confession.

Reason: I want multiply friendship

I have reason in my life close to the future. Because i don’t have mobility van special in the disability and wheelchair. This had is my life struggling situation. No where i go to be. Money is important goal get buy for a mobility van. That my goal issues about it.

Actually I must wanna be multiply friendship. My reason had though thinking plan to meet them. That not mean to the money personal. I want know them, Life is about personal. Require must understand to communication. If they are serious caring and fun, life.

Relationship is very risk. I’m fear of the relationship. Already i had past that does to me. I won’t forget that in my life. I will get pick one. But assist control behave issues personal. How many you willing be trust something to happened? Sort our life seem conversation require to feel connection?
I don’t know them well? The relationship can difficult sensors specify through life time.

Friendship easy open understand and somewhat to agree have reasonable. without cheater.

Do you want my life struggling for love or must be rich first?

My mind thinking of photography job and freelance. that why, God answer. he know had reason for me. I told to God. problem is mobility van cost lot money. i trust in God

Poem: What is Relationships had are value and curse

We are cannot see what married people doing their life own business

Do you think not nice for need to know?

Why not, We won’t get wrong the trouble personal hidden had past and present

Why are you looking lover and Value to you?

Don’t tell me you had experience before?

The Hidden hot mess secret part of reason going on

Value is alway caring show them and pleasure before you get decide thinking

We are not same people are different kind of culture

What those want need about?

You can’t escape vow in the love one

Life is will cure and love as depend situation mood

Actually, did you see, people please are good and evil had part life deal

They are knew deal with that screw up

There is no perfect and human are weakness

Why Married are easy quick the divorce grow meter on the line

The people has reason feeling that way and the reason strange temptation

Will you trust somebody, Actually,Value and Actually, cure

Hard to communication and uncomfortable are knowledge about the divorces

Their had hidden secret inside heart

God is know, human is seem hard vision heart.

The relationship is work hard with movement. you will fed up

We need want something to need important

You know difficult struggle, no joke

Time is realize in the real world

Good luck to y’all