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Welcome to 45hot

My life is hard and ged too. I need a love and sex hobby of my life! No one love me and friendship! I need van mobility! ( groan )

I don’t care ppl think of me. my situation the pain hot butt out! if you think of me. you will pain hurt love in your soul. Do not play cheat somebody! Oh well! i’m single! i’m wating future new van mobility.

Poem: i’m fighter in my life

I the way to fighter for my hope!

No one drown down on me!

I’m look for love for get hopeful!

I’m faith hold and held tight to God’s hand!

I’m struggle everyday through searcher to the path road!

I’m sometime cried and tear good thing for speak to God listen in my heart1

I need love some one and new test those female test on me!

I hate loose lose them in my life !

Why they were my enemy eject for my true love deeper!

I tries focus to my ged homework!

I can’t help think someone in my love!

I was accident crush on her got me suffer! i wish,i couldn’t

God reason plan for me. Thee had put on there as where i found to someone!

Why God allow me suffer and faith plan my future!

I know some female crush on me! they just tries spy commenter say to me.

I tries connection new females want need know me more!

I want be successful goal for diploma from the ged! 

I want bless get lover! i hate loose them and someone! ( tear )

Why Lord happened to me going on bad thing to me!

I’m pray thee faith in me. I’m fear God ! I hate vain. I’m serious really in me!

Oh lord help me!!!

My life journey struggle! i am alway word ” struggle”

Too much deep inside fighter get successful find the way and suffer to break!

Let see come vision to going on be?! God know ! but I cannot seem in my vision!

Look at sky sign vision spell magic slower open item, What it is look like? 

I think lost no love for me? ( depression )

My pain the hell of the struggle! Seem my life education ged on it. I feel bad when if i don’t get love. somebody will left me soon from people’s future/ may i lost them. i’m sad because of ged my score grade problem. i will no long in ladies those blog. They don’t like me either. i am so fear lost them. who love me more as who i am ( tear )

i’m fear some women don’t know me. i hate who make play led me on. i’m looking for serious love? ( groan )

I am the alone! Nobody conversation those with me ???????

I can challenge to weird complicated matter only ladies who had has bisexually. if i get rescues the chance. I’m look for passionate lover commitment and care of health,Struggle. All about The Love is blind.

Deal is Problem Proud

I want learn any some one. who like me or who won’t me. ugly talk gossip about me anything you want to. Level situation!! Crush and Single and Relationship are apart grow. Show deal with it  Hater!!!

Poem: passionate of commitment

Because Love is cuddle warm bear hug as hold tight

Keep mind spiritful communication from conversation key for the love

Easy fell in love  development thoughtful speak in our hear.  

Love is real deep body language for care in soul love mate

Not about sex, All about Love speak feel heat inside think for love.

Alway be touchable image in your mind situation.

Very situation serious commitment is court promise. but it not easy twist come out trouble

Eye to Eye emotion contact of connect show serious. Where are you from pride to?

Life is hard! It must show love for Commitment care situation is Real deal of Commit 

Up and down problem pressure jealousy thoughtful show you care about it?

They try tell you how they love and jealousy make happen season life

That all love about serious commitment of the relationship.